Adidas Basketball and Marvel Announce Limited-Edition “Heroes Among Us” Collection

Adidas Basketball and Marvel recently announced that they have joined forces to create the limited-edition “Heroes Among Us” collection including five new footwear designs. Basketball players, like Super Heroes, have alter-egos. Just as Super Heroes don masks, players don uniforms, and each athlete represents a different power and skill. These Continue Reading

Daily Wrap: Sixers-Nets Is Getting Spicier By The Day

Sharing a confined space with other people for an extended period always causes problems. Hostel rooms are a great example, and so are NBA Playoff series. propertag.cmd.push(function() { proper_display(‘basketballforever_inarticle-3′); }); We’re only two games into Sixers-Nets and already there’s a palpable sense of ill will in the air. It started when Continue Reading

Daily Wrap: Everyone’s Getting Fired, Danny Ainge Trolls Magic Johnson And Kemba Waker Is Stuck

The Kings have finally found their way on the court, but some things clearly haven’t changed behind the scenes. Despite leading Sacramento to their best season in 13 years, head coach Dave Joeger was given his marching orders today. propertag.cmd.push(function() { proper_display(‘basketballforever_inarticle-7′); }); The man who fired him, general manager Vlade Continue Reading